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STEM sail training


National Sailing Hall of Fame - STEM Sailing

The STEM Sailing Initiative is a significant part of the National Sailing Hall of Fame's mission to engage sailing's next generation. In addition, we believe the STEM Sailing Initiative will make an important contribution to the national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) program, thereby enhancing the future research, engineering and high-tech U.S. workforce. 


In our Consortium, Educators from all around the country can collaborate - virtually and in person - with Scientists, Engineers, Sailing/Marine Industry Professionals and each other to discover, develop and implement new ways to use sailing as a vehicle to teach lessons and skills that relate directly to core curriculum goals.

Lessons-Navigation Navigation - STEM Sailing

The National Sailing Hall of Fame STEM Sailing Navigation on Land and at Sea Course is designed for 10th Grade high school students.

Each lesson includes a PowerPoint presentation and lesson plan. There are also handouts you can download and print for your students, including worksheets and exams.

Turning away and around at the dock

Excellent example of turning your boat 180 in tight quarters using only a spring line ( no bow thruster )

Departing and turning 180 using a spring line

Another great example of using a spring line to turn out and around at the dock

Spring off with wind onto the dock

here's an example of springing off with wind on to the dock. Aft Spring

Spring off from bow

more examples of spring lines